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3-6 players 30 minutes From 10 years old


In this cooperative game, the players embody Titans avid to create together the ideal planet. Will you know how to dominate the nature and the elements, and worse still the anger of your father Ouranos, to realize the planet of your dreams? A cunning and intuitive game where deduction and cooperation will be the key words.

To manage to create your planet, and to bring him the life, you will have to think together, communicate subtly, trust the other players or understand of instinct.

The purpose of the game is to manage to create together a planet.

To have a finished and thus livable planet, it will be necessary to pass by various creations: rainbow, river, fish, etc, and completed by element cards : earth, air, fire, water.


—    15 Energy tokens

—    42 Universe cards

—    26 Element cards

—    11 Nature cards

—    5 Aggression cards

—    13 other cards

—    Rules