Who's There?

Who's There?
2-4 players 15-20 minutes From 3 years old


Place the lovely colored animal figurines on the table, and then cover them with the houses, so the children won’t see where each animal hides.

One child takes a card with a picture of an animal on it, and tries to guess where that animal hides. They will need to remember the whereabouts of the animals.

After several turns they will need to remember 4 or 5 different animals, an interesting and challenging activity when you’re 3 years old!

Play with your children for 10 minutes a day and, within a month, see their memory improve. In the years to come they will thank you for the help during their exams!


—    6 cardboard houses, where the animals live

—    6 wooden animal figurines

—    6 cards with pictures of the animals

—    Rules


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